Human resources consultant as a trainer for company staff.

Human resources consultant as a trainer for company staff.

Human resources consultant is a proven process of professional support between a person entering (or aspiring) to a position or promotion (student) and an experienced person who has successfully held a similar position (mentor). There should be a good trusting relationship between mentor and student. The person directly responsible for the supervision or evaluation of the work of the ward cannot be the mentor of this person, since there should not be any authority between the mentor and the ward.

In the case of compensation professional, the ward should always be involved in choosing a mentor. The latter should feel completely comfortable entering into submission. He takes into account that there should not be any relations of power with the ward and that there should be no constant monitoring or evaluation process. Confidentiality is at the heart of the mentoring process. During the exchange between the two partners, the mentor should encourage the student to solve all the issues that he considers necessary, since none of this data can harm the person or jeopardize the integrity and safety of the person. school board. Mentor makes it easier to find solutions; this study is preferably carried out by the ward, or at least with it. The mentor’s interventions are mainly aimed at the growth and development of the student in accordance with his needs.

Data on the effectiveness of mentoring programs based on results from entrepreneurs should be interpreted with caution. Indeed, the impact of mentoring in relation to other forms of assistance offered is difficult to distinguish. It is also often subjective and difficult to measure because results include or are associated with behavioral changes. In addition, methodological difficulties, especially when sampling, do not allow comparison of differences in characteristics and / or participation. However, there is reason to believe that mentoring programs, if carefully designed, can be effective interventions. Confidence coach has proven its worth in a variety of professional contexts, especially with groups facing labor market difficulties such as young people, women, and ethnic minorities. In the context of creating a business and self-employment, such an array of data does not exist. However, examples of successful programs that have had a positive impact on participants are available. In most cases, the benefits of a mentoring program appear in the early stages of business development.

The constant economic turbulence faced by companies requires a critical distance consultant and a radically new approach to their work. This training is a synthesis of these thoughts that lead to possible strategic actions. These are the foundations of a new form of consulting, the creation of values, because it is consistent with the economic, social and technological problems that companies face. The new profession of HR consultant, which accompanies the company and gives it the strength to transform. While company actors need more than ever the necessary support to embrace and implement the change strategy they are facing, a human resources consultant is developing devices that restore new value to human capital. long-term relationships with internal or external partners make social change and acceptable human change possible.

The skills developed during this training sequence allow the learner to complete the full cycle of piloting advisory intervention. It deals with all the methodological components of the profession of a consultant and allows the student to master the strategic process of intervention in the company and effectively carry out their tasks. Assignment of processing facilities for the diagnosis of the company’s personnel management system based on functional standards and formalization of operational recommendations. Consulting on interview methods to understand the realities of the client, determine the process of demand analysis and begin the development of pre-project consulting for personnel management, all this belongs to human resources consultant.

Assignment of a complete engineering system to a human resources consultant, containing tools and guidelines for interacting with digital technologies. Principles and methods of organizing the implementation of a consulting project and developing scenarios for presenting recommendations to the client. Various methods for developing HR consulting intervention and key factors for the effectiveness and lack of effectiveness of an intervention consultant.