Smart features every advanced board software must have

Smart features every advanced board software must have

Technological advances and increased market competition require organizations to run their businesses differently. Therefore, modern companies use innovative digital solutions like board software for better efficiency. So, how does it work?

The peculiarities of the board portal development

The pandemic has become a severe incentive for digitalization and the development of remote services in the economy. As a result, many companies have reoriented their business processes to digital technologies, introduced a “remote” work format on an ongoing basis, and focused on online services and automation, and many industries have shown active growth even in a pandemic.

Video conferences are now part of everyday business life not only due to technological developments. At the same time, social changes since the turn of the millennium, the global networking of the economy, and the trend towards flexible working models have made videotelephony necessary so that teams can also work together effectively from a distance. But for the virtual meetings to be successful, companies should choose professional technology, and participants should be familiar with the special features of the conferences. In this case, board portals are in demand. 

The board software is an on-premise digital multifunctional platform for secure collaboration of collegial bodies and the board of directors. Generally, they have messaging capabilities, voting tools, meeting and agenda capabilities, and other tools designed to make communication as seamless as possible.

Smart features of the board management software

There are the following best board software features:

  • Shared calendar. Whether you have a team meeting scheduled, an important business call coming up, or a deadline has been set, email, phone calls, or chat messages are good ways to share upcoming events, but often they are as well forgotten quickly. The more appointments are pending, the more difficult it is to keep an overview. For this reason, board portals provide calendar functions through which all relevant appointments can be shared and viewed at any time.
  • Management features. The good board software is also characterized by the fact that project and team leaders can optimally plan and oversee the various work processes. So there are components available that can be used to optimally divide and organize the available resources. In addition, many tools offer solutions for documenting and evaluating work processes and progress. The board portals also facilitate communication between individual departments when used throughout the company.
  • Secure data storage. The board portal provides the necessary confidentiality, independence, and security in working with electronic documents with the possibility of corporate document exchange with another holding organization. 
  • This collaboration tool offers preview functionality for different file types and an unrivaled level of security through encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Easy collaboration. Directors and administrators do not have to manually manage documents: all necessary files can be uploaded to the cloud and available to meet participants in real-time. Most programs are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including mobile devices such as iPhone and Android. Thanks to the board software, users can view and edit documents, post annotations and upload them. 
  • Access from anywhere. You can download all the necessary documents in the cloud and access them instantly from anywhere. Typically, an application for holding board meetings requires an Internet connection to view and edit documents, which is not a problem in the work environment.

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